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Intermediate Private Coaching 3 x 90min Session Pack

Intermediate Private Coaching 3 x 90min Session Pack


  • $299.00
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Our coaches offer advice about the best equipment to use in and out of the water. We can help you find the right sized and shaped surfboard for your height and weight to get more out of your surfing experience.  Along with teaching surfing fitness and how to get the best out of your body, our coaches provide the right mental preparation for competition, which includes skills and strategies to stay focused as well as control your nerves.

Surfers need to to be of Intermediate level and have their own hard surfboard and be able to paddle and catch their own waves. 

Program: Intermediate Private Coaching 

Provider: Surfing Services Australia

Head Coach: Rachel Cowley

Level: Intermediate 

Location:  Currumbin Alley, Qld

Time: To be confirmed upon booking.

Date: To be confirmed upon booking.


3 x 90 min Private Sessions = $299 (1 x 90minSession = $110) 

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